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For as long as Zoe' can remember she has loved everything to do with fashion. A visit with each of her grandmothers was always a special day. One loved clothing and couldn't wait to show Zoe' the Christian Dior hat, Limoge ring or the intricate Guipure lace gown she had acquired. The other would patiently watch as the little girl studied and tried on each and everyone of her pieces of exquisite heirloom jewelry. By the time Zoe' was a young teen she was making her own clothing and accessories. This love and fascination for impeccable workmanship has always inspired Zoe'. Leading her into the entertainment industry as a clothing and costume designer, working almost exclusively with private clientele and projects in television and theater.

Commissioned in 2003 to design a gown for the Emmy Awards, she found herself at a small bead store looking for the gemstones to create an idea she had for a set of jeweled straps that could detach from the gown and transform into a layered necklace. Drawn to the colors and textures, not unlike the fabric stores she loved so much, was the beginning of a new creative path. Immersing herself in jewelry making classes and gaining the needed knowledge of gemstones. She then began making vintage inspired, interchangeable jewelry and thus started the Zoe' DuFour Collection in 2004.

Her passion for the beauty around her as well as her family, friends and customers are a constant source of inspiration. Zoe' lives north of Los Angeles, with her two beautiful daughters and husband. There she creates each piece by hand, giving individual attention to proportion and balance combining semi-precious gemstones, sterling, gold and vintage findings to bring out the true artistic beauty in her line of jewelry and enhance the beauty of each woman who wears it.

My mission is to create high quality pieces that are always unique and affordable. A style that is timeless so you will enjoy these pieces for years to come.
xo Zoe'