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The sole purpose of Zoe DuFour is to give customers high quality, interchangeable, and innovative jewelry that is made with the modern woman in mind. The Custom ReDeux program is established around these same principles, however, re-purposes customers jewelry upon request.
Lets say you have a brooch that has been passed down through generations, but it is starting to look its age. With the ReDeux program you simply have a consultation with Zoe' regarding your piece or pieces of jewelry. From there you will receive your receipt and be contacted via email or phone to either send your (preferably insured) jewelry in the mail or a photo through email, along with any other important information regarding your likes, dislikes, budget, etc. about the jewelry.

In 7-10 days a final consultation will be setup to discuss the renderings, estimates, and time frame. Nevertheless, you are not obligated to proceed with the designed piece, although I'm positive you will want to.